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Committed to Inspiring healthy relationships

I have been in business now for 2 years and what strikes me again & again is the lack of practical information on how to have a healthy relationship and the opportunity for women to get real-life support on their challenges and some really successful solutions to the problems they are facing. support that. I know that you all have good relationships either romantically or with close friends and that as you grow you are dedicated to improving them.


What people are saying


I had an opportunity to participate in the Nature Empowerment Workshop that took place in very creative and unique places. She took care of us in every possible way. I felt like in a very cozy environment guided by an enthusiastic and knowledgeable person. Thank you Daniella for being there for us and guiding us through this freeing and unforgettable experience.


I feel very lucky and grateful to be getting life coaching from Dani. My experience has been absolutely fantastic. She truly understands who I am and what my goals are, and we collaborate on setting the next steps in my journey. I highly recommend Dani Ferrier coaching to everyone!



I have been working with Dani for a few months and it has been great from day 0. It was so easy to connect to Dani and she immediately understood my problems/ideas and whatever else I threw her way. Dani is super positive and she has a great just do it approach to life which I admire. Dani is very kind and positive and helpful. She has helped me a lot working through some professional and personal questions and challenges. I love working with her and can only recommend Dani!


Dani’s warm but firm approach creates a safe space to dig deep and deal with the complex underlying emotions, baggage, and personal history that holds all of us back in some way while also ending each session with not only a set of tools and actions but also a revelation that actually makes you change your daily behavior and produces immediate results. She asks fantastic questions and has a surprising toolbox of sophisticated techniques and insights informed by science that I had never encountered before.


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Download this free PDF all about boundaries


You will learn

Why we need boundaries

How to ask for your needs

How create the environment in your relationship

Who you need to be to get to have a thriving relationship



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